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SIRI is a Social technology for teaching English with the purpose of expanding opportunities for young people in global entrepreneurship projects and providing English learning in rural communities. 

 Current Status

SIRi has been working to train young people in initial and advanced classes in teaching English, in addition to forming customized classes for students of other social technologies such as CLOC, JIRO, LuCA and ON, who depend on mastering this language to improve their skills. In 2023, the project launched the Mesh English app, which uses a gamified approach to assist students in lessons. The initiative aims at the future scalability of SIRI, through Mesh, which is an upcoming social enterprise led by reapplicators from Santa Luzia do Itanhy, scheduled to launch in 2024. 


Since its inception in 2018, SIRi has stood out as a Social Technology dedicated to teaching English to teenagers and young people from rural communities. Its innovative methodology values creativity and interactivity, using educational games and students' everyday contexts to integrate English teaching in municipal public schools in a sustainable way. 

One of the main motivations of the initiative is to train young entrepreneurs in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, enabling them to communicate effectively with potential customers and international partners. In 2019, the most engaged students became reapplicators, disseminating the SIRi methodology to new classes of students. In search of continuous improvement, SIRi expanded its horizons by starting an online conversation experience with volunteer teenagers from New York, promoting the development of advanced students' speaking and pronunciation skills. That same year, SIRi collaborated with the methodology “Pense Grande” to create the English version of educational games on Emotional Intelligence and Financial Education, expanding students' vocabulary. The development of the first complete version of the reapplication booklet was also an important milestone, carried out together with reapplicators. The year 2021 was marked by the adaptation of SIRi to meet the needs of tourism in small businesses, strengthening the partnership with JIRO Social Technology. There was also collaboration with the Business Workshop ST to outline future social business planning for English teaching. In 2022, we worked in a special class, in the village of Crasto, connecting SIRi methodologies with other Social Technologies, such as the Business Workshop (entrepreneurship) and CLOC (programming). At the end of this experience, it was possible to review the reapplication booklet, noticing points for improvement to make the training even more practical and objective, enabling more autonomy in the application of the content and better qualification of students. In 2023, SIRi continued to impact the city of Santa Luzia do Itanhy by training more young people and promoting training for other Social Technologies, in addition to launching the Mesh English app, a book of stories in partnership with Romanceiros do Itanhy and other educational materials.





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