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The poverty trap 
It's the biggest
of humanity

The Human Project It is our community-based model for overcoming the poverty trap.

Whose essence lies in the formation of human capital and whose practice is carried out through the construction of social technologies in the areas of basic education, entrepreneurial education and basic health, and in generation of social businesses with global appeal.

The roots symbolize the ecosystem of Social Technologies, which create conditions so that all new citizens (roots of the community) have the right to full human development.

Vector 1.png

The fruits represent the ecosystem of creative and digital businesses, generated  through Social Technologies, with local identity and global appeal.

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Vector 1 (1).png

The trunk represents

the community

13,616 inhabitants 

78% of the population lives in rural areas (2022, Census)

62% are beneficiaries of Bolsa Família

Income less than R$218.00 per month, per person (2023, Cadunico)

IDHM – 0,545

Position 5,268 (2010, UNDP)

GDP per capita - R$ 11,808.17
Position 4,116 (2020, IBGE)

The current version of The Human Project of Santa Luzia do Itanhy has 18 Social Technologies, in an incremental and systemic development process. 

Santa Luzia do Itanhy is a little town in the northeast of Brazil where the model has been built and continuously improved since 2010.

The municipality was chosen because it brings together cultural, social and economic conditions typical of worldwide underestimated communities, so that the solutions generated in Santa Luzia do Itanhy and The Human Project model itself can be effectively reapplied anywhere in the world, especially in Latin America and Africa countries.

Santa Luzia do Itanhy is our global incubator for social technologies.

Of these Social Technologies, 8 are in the development phase while 10 are in the scalability and/or sustainability phase, benefiting more than 60,000 people, in more than 57 municipalities, in 11 Brazilian states.


Our vision of a better world for everyone involves reapplication of The Human Project in different communities

especially in the southern hemisphere, with local autonomy and identity, building a global network of transformative communities, capable of inspiring and engaging more and more people around the world, in a movement to change mentality and free ourselves from the poverty trap.

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