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TAG is an information management and decision-making support system, with a special focus on data related to the development of children and adolescents, integrating the areas of education, social care and health. 

 Current Status

TAG is in a continuous process of improvement and inclusion of new functionalities, and we are currently validating the municipal social care module (CRAS, CREAS, Casa Lar and Conselho Tutelar) and its integration with the education module, already complete. To date, the TAG education module has already been reapplied in 46 municipalities, in 8 different states, and in 2024 we will reapply it in new 26 municipalities, in several Brazilian states.


The development of TAG began in 2011 and all features were built in a participatory manner, involving THP researchers and technicians from the administrative area of municipal schools in Santa Luzia do Itanhy. The system is licensed as open source (GPL license) and our proposal is that, once implemented, there will be no additional costs for maintenance and version updates for the municipalities. As the data is stored in the cloud, the system also allows interoperability between municipalities, so that if a student moves from one municipality to another, which also uses TAG, the student’s data can be transferred to the base of the new municipality. 

The first version for education was ready in 2013 and, at the end of 2014, the TAG was selected by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) to be included in the Educational Technologies Guide, which is a recommendation from the MEC for educational solutions for States and Municipalities. The system includes multiple functionalities, such as registration records, attendance, grades, meals stock control, electronic diary, extraction of reports and also supports the management of conditionalities of the federal Program “Bolsa Família”, in addition to being integrated with EducaCenso, from MEC. Right at the beginning of the development of the education version, we also worked on generating an initial health version, due to Hb Social Technology. This version allows recording data on students' weight, height and hemoglobin level, making it possible to assess malnutrition or obesity, by calculating the Body Mass Index, and whether the student has iron deficiency anemia, in addition to managing the entire campaign for diagnostic and treatment of anemia. More recently we began to build the social care module, which in the case of small municipalities has units from CRAS (Social Assistance Reference Center), CREAS (Specialized Social Assistance Reference Center), “Casa Lar” and the “Conselho Tutelar”. This module was ready in 2023 and we began testing its use in 2 municipalities in Sergipe, with the expectation that we can soon make it available to all municipalities that use TAG education. In parallel with the development of the TAG system, in 2022 we began the development of a hardware, called Cortex, capable of centralizing all data processing in public schools, operating both online and offline, collecting information from devices that have access to TAG through a local network and sending it to the municipality's database, making it possible to overcome barriers such as lack of or low-quality Internet connection, still present in many Brazilian schools.





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