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Social Technology aimed at improving the quality of early childhood education, especially in public schools, to adequately promote the socio-emotional development of children, covering the period from 0 to 5 years and 11 months. 

 Current Status

The pedagogical methodology of Synapse Child Education (Synapse EI) is ready and widely tested in municipalities in Sergipe and currently the reapplicators teachers are participating in the construction of the Child Development Agents (ADI) methodology, in partnership with CRIA Social Technology, aiming at joint initiatives related to early childhood, motherhood and health


Starting in 2018, Synapse EI was built in alignment with Synapse, with the aim that students entering elementary school would arrive in more appropriate conditions to perform better in the learning process, a long-standing demand from the literacy teachers. 

The Synapse EI methodology is based on mapping the main difficulties encountered in the classroom, preparing activity planning and systematizing the educational reality of schools, in a participatory process, involving teachers from municipal schools in Santa Luzia do Itanhy. In 2019, the first version of the Work Plans Booklet was prepared. Class for each age group in early childhood education, aligned with the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC) and the Sergipe Curriculum. Furthermore, in order to assist teachers in developing playful and immersive activities, two Pedagogical Support Materials for Early Childhood Education (MAPEI’s) were developed. In 2020, the limitations of the pandemic required some adaptations to Social Technology, transferring its actions to a virtual format. This experience also demonstrated the need to develop private work with teachers, with regard to self-perception and self-valuation, with psychological support. In 2021, Synapse EI resumed its actions and incorporated the methodology developed during the pandemic into a tool pedagogical guide for teachers, the Integrated Planning and Pedagogical. Furthermore, they were created and integrated into the methodology pedagogical plus 4 new MAPEIs. Throughout 2023, in parallel with the improvement of Social Technology, we started testing scalability, reapplying Synapse Early Childhood Education in schools public services in 5 municipalities in Sergipe (Santa Rosa de Lima, Campo do Brito, São Miguel do Aleixo, Our Lady of Aparecida and Laranjeiras).




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Material resources

Integrated pedagogical planning notebook - volume 1

Business generated


Synapse Child Education is now part of the Synapse Network, created in 2023, as a private non-profit organization

Interaction with others projects

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