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Romanceiros do Itanhy is a Social Technology with the aim of fostering creativity and awakening interest in literature among children and adolescents, through storytelling and workshops of creative writing. 

 Current Status

In 2023, Romanceiros promoted weekly workshops in the villages of Pedra Furada and Crasto, in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, along with monthly activities in schools in these locations, covering the four stages of child development. Also, the project collaborated with SIRi, resulting in the publication of the book "SIRi's Short Stories". Furthermore, in partnership with ON team, it carried out training aimed at creating narratives related to business ideas. 


The inaugural phase of Romanceiros do Itanhy began in 2017, focusing on working with teenagers from the municipality of Santa Luzia do Itanhy. 

Through a selection process, 20 teenagers interested in literature received mentoring and, over time, developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of writing, going beyond orthographic and semantic learning, giving greater focus to the affective and structural processes that involve the construction of a narrative. 

In 2019, this effort culminated in an autograph afternoon of the first literary production of the seven students who completed all stages, bringing together the community, family and friends to celebrate this moment. After a break in activities due to restrictions imposed by Covid-19, Romanceiros do Itanhy returned in 2021 with a new approach: stimulating creativity and literary interest in childhood, as precious tools to promote their full development. In this second phase, the ST began its work with children up to six years old at the Sítio do Pica Pau Amarelo children's school, in Povoado Crasto. This work continued in 2022, benefiting 20 children and resulting in the collaborative production of a collection of 20 children's books. In the creation process, the children had the support of two teenagers who participated in the first phase of Romanceiros and teenagers from Naturalist Art, who helped in the construction of the stories and illustrations, respectively. The books were launched at an autograph afternoon in the community and presented in an exhibition at the Museu da Gente Sergipana, in Aracaju. Still in 2022, Romanceiros do Itanhy took a step forward with the preparation of the first version of its Storytelling Booklet, aiming to promote the scalability of the methodology.




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