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At PLOC, teenagers learn to perceive the soundscape and are qualified to record and edit local sounds to produce soundtracks, music, among other business opportunities. 

 Current Status

Currently, PLOC's activities are focused on reapplications and contributions to the Motion Graphics production area in partnership with Naturalist Art and LuCA. In 2023, this Social Technology has reached another milestone in its development: the creation of a business, Som Pattis, a digital sound company. In addition, two reapplication classes were held, training 20 new students, and the PLOC team participated in the creation of five short movies, in partnership with the LuCA team.


Starting in 2017, PLOC was conceived with the proposal to offer workshops focused on recording, editing, production and sound composition, aiming to encourage the creation of soundtracks for films, games and other entrepreneurial initiatives. The intention is to train students to act as future sound technicians, phonographic producers, sound designers and audiovisual artists. 

During its first two years, PLOC sought to foster students' creativity through work with recording techniques, sound editing, composition and musical improvisation. In this initial phase, the technical production of the music video "Pontes para o Passado" and the formation of the musical group "PLOC Imaginary Orchestra " stood out, which has already performed performances involving PLOC students. The year 2019 was marked by the beginning of the reapplication of Social Technology and the development of several works, including the launch of two music videos, the contribution to sound capture and construction of the sound design of the 13 episodes of the series "1 Pé de Banana Nanica" and participation in an audiovisual workshop with the team from Oitorama Filmes, from São Paulo. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2020, PLOC managed to maintain its training in an online format, focusing on adaptable activities to be carried out at home. The students actively participated in the sound construction within the audiovisual and in the production of electronic music, resulting in the creation of two audiovisual series and contributions to the sound capture and sound design of the "Tatatatu" series. The year 2021 marked the return to external activities, including the opening of a new reapplication class. Additionally, the students captured the sound of 5 short movies produced by LuCA Social Technology. In 2022, with the aim of addressing complementary content on the application of sound in the job market, two artistic collaborations were developed with guest workshops: Andrey May, addressing the creation of websites and digital sound platforms, and DJ Dolores, discussing identity sound for audiovisual productions.





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