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LuCA (Light, Camera, Action) is a Social Technology aimed at training teenagers and young people in audiovisual language. 

 Current Status

Currently, LuCA has focused its efforts on qualifying talented teenagers in techniques related to Animation and Motion Graphics and on training reapplicators for synergy with other projects such as PLOC and Naturalist Art. In 2023, we held nine technical workshops, four reapplication classes, produced five short films and organized a photographic exhibition. 


In addition to these initiatives, the project was also responsible for creating a podcast and the community film club "Cineminha do Itanhy". These joint efforts resulted in the training of 80 young people over the period.


The development of LuCA began in 2017, based on the systematization of the previous experience acquired with the Art with Science project, carried out between 2010 and 2014, whose proposal was to train high school students in the production of audiovisual learning objects, with creation and editing workshops of videos, photos, podcasts and texts. The idea was that these learning objects could be shared, under Creative Commons license, with students and teachers from other public schools, through the Guigoh digital platform, also developed during Art with Science project. Based on this previous experience, over the first two years, LuCA students produced 5 short films and we prepared the first reapplicators to begin the scaling process. 

In 2019, the methodology began to be reapplied, with more advanced students acting as instructors in introductory cinema, photography and video workshops, also covering notions of scripting and audiovisual production. That same year, the most advanced students formed a work group, in partnership with participants from LiLo Social Technology, and together they created and produced 13 episodes of the series “1 Pé de Banana Nanica”. From this experience, students were able to experience all the processes of creating an audiovisual work, from scriptwriting and dramaturgy, to scenography, lighting, costumes and production. In 2020, due to pandemic restrictions, no new classes were opened. However, a group of students took advantage of the opportunity and opened the first audiovisual startup in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, in this case the production company Vixe Filmes, which carried out important productions throughout the year. The year 2021 was marked by reapplications in new villages and the production of a series of audiovisual video classes to support the reapplication process. Furthermore, LuCA counted on the participation of photography director Anderson Craveiro in the production of a short film, with a script produced by the students themselves. Also, an introductory class on Motion Graphics and 3D Animation was opened, in order to work on movement with graphic design through animation, merging design and cinema concepts. In 2022, LuCA deepened its work with the Motion Graphics language, by offering a new class focusing on scripting and animation history, and three technical workshops focused on introducing the graphic animation language to advanced students, resulting in the production of a short film. In addition, training on photographic language was carried out, taught by community reapplier Vitor Cruz, resulting in 30 high-quality artistic photographs.





indirect beneficiaries

reapplicators formed



The Lift-Off Season Award (Sound Design Category) and nomination for the Caruaru Film Festival, with the short film “O Repto”. 

Business generated


Creation of the audiovisual production startup VIXE Filmes, by students from the first classes at LuCA. 


Interaction with others projects

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