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JIRO is a Social Technology in the area of tourism of experience that values local potential, identifying and supporting business ideas with the potential to become micro tourism enterprises, all mediated by a digital platform. 

 Current Status

JIRO continues to support and improve business initiatives, trails and tourist itineraries in six municipalities in Sergipe, which were mapped and selected in previous years. In parallel, we are completing the JIRO app, which should soon enter the testing phase by the JIRO project team and microentrepreneurs, focusing on participant registration, geolocation, booking and payments functionalities. The JIRO app is expected to be launched by June 2024. 


In 2021, JIRO began its activities raising awareness and reaching out to microentrepreneurs from 4 municipalities in the state of Sergipe: Santa Luzia do Itanhy, Indiaroba, Estância and Barra dos Coqueiros. Using a methodology that valued the characteristics of the beneficiaries and local identity, 24 selected small businesses participated in training in the areas of entrepreneurship, financial education, audiovisual and basic English, in synergy with other Social Technologies already developed by The Human Project. The objective was to add value to existing tourist experiences and develop new possibilities, through quality audiovisual recordings, scripting and storytelling of the products and services offered, qualified service to welcome foreign customers, and business management skills. 

This work continued and, at the end of 2022, the project launched the first version of the website created in partnership with CLOC students, to publicize the tourist experiences mapped and integrated into the JIRO network. In 2023, JIRO expanded its scope of action, covering the municipalities of Itaporanga d'Ajuda and São Cristóvão, and providing 3 structured tourist itineraries, in addition to a diversity of small businesses integrated into its network, including visual artists, artisans, flour mills, agriculture, cooking, trails, inns, among others. To publicize the mapped activities and attractions, the project invested in publicity through the Instagram platform. As a goal of the project, the development of the first version of the application for marketing JIRO tourist products and services was initiated, including features such as registration of the tourist experience, information about location, prices and booking.




participants with potential tourist products and services 

trained reapplicators  


Interaction with others projects

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