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Culture in Focus is a Social Technology that seeks to combine contemporary design with traditional artisanal techniques with the aim of adding value to artisanal production, improving the working and income conditions of the artisans and contributing to the preservation of Brazilian handmade heritage.

 Current Status

With the consolidation of the BTC brick and hydraulic tile production methodology, the Social Technology has directed its efforts towards the reapplication of these techniques, training new members of the community, and towards the conception phase of the "Vem da Pedra" business, which aims to commercialize these products. At the same time, the initiative has expanded its scope with the construction of mud and the implementation of banana gardens (sanitation system) and vegetable gardens in Pedra Furada, located in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, Sergipe.


Culture in Focus began in 2010, focusing on qualifying artisans from Santa Luzia do Itanhy in the production of objects with high added value, based on interaction with contemporary designers. Due to the local people's skill with weaving and fishing, the project focused on the use of natural fibers to produce decorative objects. The product line includes lamps, venetian blinds, among others. 

From 2013 to 2016 we had a phase of reapplication of Culture in Focus, working with artisans from 5 other municipalities, 3 from Sergipe and 2 from Alagoas. In the end, 5 collections were launched, creating more than 400 high-value-added products signed by designers, which began to be commercialized nationally. Between 2017 and 2018, the Culture in Focus had an integrated tourism aspect, with the "Origine-SE" project, benefiting 6 municipalities in Sergipe, which resulted in a series of products that combined contemporary design and artisanal techniques (ceramics, leather, tapestry, dolls), but with a special focus on marketing them as tourist products. More recently, from 2021, Culture in Focus began to work on the integration of design, innovation and traditional and sustainable construction techniques, with the aim of generating work and income for a group of women from the Pedra Furada community, in Santa Luzia do Itanhy. Currently the project focuses on the production of hydraulic tiles, using patterns created by Naturalist Art, production of BTC brick, implementation of banana gardens (ecological sanitation) and school vegetable gardens, all seeking to find the best format to provide the commercialization of products and related services.

At the end of 2023
o Culture in focus
inaugurates the phase of
technical reapplications




direct beneficiaries

indirect benefite

collections launched



Social Technology certified by the Banco do Brasil Foundation for Social Technologies in 2017 


Prêmio Museu a Casa (2012)


Interaction with others projects

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