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CLOC (Creativity, Logic, Opportunity and Growth) is a Social Technology aimed at training teenagers and young people in programming and robotics, seeking to prepare the ground for the future professional insertion of these students in the IT sector

 Current Status

In 2023, CLOC trained more than 137 students in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, Sergipe. Of this total, 63 completed basic training, 26 reached the intermediate level, 19 reached the advanced level, 20 completed the Digital Games class and 9 students in Bilingual Robotics. Furthermore, the project impacted 252 students through ‘Hora do Code’, a platform that provides the first contact with programming, in 7 locations in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, Sergipe. 

At the same time, CLOC also integrated programming and entrepreneurship teaching, within the Ed-Mundo project, which expanded in 2023 to another community in Fortaleza, Ceará, in partnership with Instituto Pense Bem.


CLOC began in 2013, starting with a process of selecting students with the best logical reasoning, among public schools in Santa Luzia do Itanhy. The group of 20 best students were initially offered logical reasoning and Scratch classes. 

Between 2014 and 2016, the students who stood out the most underwent training in programming and more advanced technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Database and PHP), and collaboratively developed a reapplication Booklet, so that these same students could disseminate knowledge in their communities of origin. Among the students in the first class, 4 were selected to work as Basic Programming instructors in schools in their respective communities. At the end of 2018, the CLOC core group established two important partnerships. The first was with Microsoft, which trained 13 young people and teenagers from the group to act as Basic IT instructors to meet a real demand in the city, and the second was with the company Bravi, from Santa Catarina, for which the young people provided services at the beginning of 2019. Based on this demand, the group began the process of establishing CITI² (Centro Integrado de Tecnologia da Informação do Itanhy), the first IT startup in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, focusing on teaching programming and robotics to teenagers from small and remote communities.





indirect beneficiaries 

reaplicadores formados

Material resources

Cartilha cloc jogos digitais.jpg

CLOC Reapplication booklet – Digital games 



Finalist and 2nd place in the 2019 Fundação Banco do Brasil Social Technologies Award. 


e-CIO Award – Special award “Highlight of the IT Area of the State of Sergipe”, at the 12th e-CIO. 

Business generated

Creation of the programming and robotics teaching startup CITI², by students from CLOC's first classes. 


Interaction with others projects

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