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Naturalist Art is a Social Technology that seeks to identify and develop local talents in illustration techniques, such as watercolor, pointillism, graphite and pastel, introducing the teaching of visual arts in schools and promoting sustainable business in the area.

 Current Status

In 2023, in addition to operating in 8 villages in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, Arte Naturalista began reapplications in the municipalities of Laranjeiras (SE) and Umari (CE).


In Santa Luzia do Itanhy, in addition to classes for beginner groups, the project maintains an advanced class made up of 10 young artists, who participate in special training through whorkshops and workshops. In 2023, two printing workshops were offered by designer Edlange Lopes, aiming to deepen knowledge of printing techniques and the production of more complex patterns. In addition, young people participated in the "Oficina Identidade", with Tatiane Costa, owner of the company Negra Luz (Afro accessories) and creator of the Mangaio Fair (exhibition that values black entrepreneurs) with the aim of awakening young people's eyes to riches local areas, strengthening the identity of each of them through stories and experiences from the town of Crasto.


Started in 2013, Naturalist Art aims to give new meaning and value the importance of preserving mangroves through visual arts, in this case using illustration techniques. Inspired by the local scene, students at municipal schools learn to illustrate the region's fauna and flora, raising awareness of the importance of preserving the environment and strengthening the community's identity, through the appreciation of natural wealth, way of life and knowledge locations.

As students develop their artistic skills, they become part of a group of illustrators responsible for reapplying the Naturalist Art methodology, disseminating knowledge to students in public schools in their respective communities. At the same time, the project also focused on encouraging entrepreneurship, so that, in 2016, the first design and fashion startup in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, Casa do Cacete (CDC), emerged. In 2019, designer Daniel Moraes held an innovative artistic residency with Arte Naturalista students, from which 3 murals were developed that served as the basis for the creation of the “Muralista” collection. In 2021, after the pandemic, the project began to incorporate the learning of digital illustration techniques, through workshops taught by visual artist Miro Dantas, using the Procreate application. This innovative work resulted in the creation of the “Seres Imaginários” collection, by Casa do Cacete. In 2022, Arte Naturalista continued the training workshops in traditional and digital drawing and painting techniques, resulting in the development of two prints for Casa do Cacete and for the production of hydraulic tiles, in partnership with Tecnologia Social Cultura em Foco.




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Caderno arte naturalista

Planning Notebook of Classes 

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Von Martius Sustainability Award 2016


Fundação Banco do Brasil Social Technology Award 2021  

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